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  • Meet Monica

    Meet Monica

    Monica, a wife and mother to college aged children, is an experienced manager with a degree in business administration. Although she is a hard worker, like millions of Americans, Monica experienced being laid off from her employer. Monica continues to struggle with trusting potential employers.

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  • Meet Jessica

    Meet Jessica

    Jessica Burt is a devoted wife and mother. She has a master’s degree in social work and a great resume to follow. Though her disabilities is not an obstacle at work, it often causes her problems when interviewing with potential employers.

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  • Meet Travis

    Meet Travis

    His cap and gown was his pride and joy as he crossed the stage and became a college graduate. Travis’ dreams were put on pause as he begin to apply for jobs and receive constant rejection. His girlfriend and immediate family, also his room mates, foot the bills as Travis hits the pavement looking for a better way to move his career forward. His hopes for the future include getting a place of his own for him and his girlfriend.

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  • Meet Takara

    Meet Takara

    Takara dove head first in the sign-up process for “How Do I get Hired?” As a struggling student and young adult she struggles to maintain her independence from her family. “I feel like a charity case,” she says about the money she owes her well-meaning brother. He steps up to help Takara out of financial jams. Her biggest hope in joining the show is to be able to regain financial independance and pay for her own meals at family outings. […]

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  • Meet Therese Marie

    Meet Therese Marie

    As a 20-year veteran of the human resources and career coaching field, Therese brings her expertise and no-nonsense approach to How Do I Get Hired? From high ranking positions to career entrepreneur Therese has seen all sides of employment. She digs in deep with those she mentors and has successfully consulted executives, stay-at-home mom’s and blue collar workers looking to boost their career or fix a damaged one. Among her career accomplishments, Therese served as on-air career consultant for The […]

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  • Meet Dave

    Meet Dave

    A blue collar worker looking for a way to save his family from financial ruin, Dave joins the cast of How Do I Get Hired? A few years out of taking an auto industry voluntary layoff, Dave struggles with image issues before his children and marital strains with his wife. “I will do whatever it takes,” Dave says as he gets ready for the career boot camp that could change his life forever.

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  • Episode 6 “Last Day”

    Episode 6 “Last Day”

    In the season finale of “How Do I Get Hired?” Therese meets with the cast for the last day. Tragedy strikes a cast member. The cast members say goodbye.

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  • Episode 5 “Pink Slip Party”

    Episode 5 “Pink Slip Party”

    Therese and the cast attend a networking event for job seekers. Takara and Jessica go shopping for career clothes.

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  • Episode 4 “The Personality Clash”

    Episode 4 “The Personality Clash”

    Therese gets more drama from the cast as they struggle to find work. One cast member quits the show.

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  • Episode 3 “Too Poor For Marriage”

    Episode 3 “Too Poor For Marriage”

    The cast members look for jobs, the drama unfolds between Therese and the cast. Travis and his girlfriend talk marriage.

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